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The correct installation of your home is the most important part of the mobile home buying process. It all starts with a good foundation that provides for proper drainage of water away from the home. Soil tests and penetrometer tests should be performed.

A vapor barrier should be installed under the home to protect the home from ground moisture and mildew. The piers must be placed on top of pads that are correctly sized for the home and conditions. Piers, anchors, and tie downs must be placed according to weight distribution based on the Manufacturer’s Set-up Manual, DOT Rule 15C, HUD Standards, and soil conditions. Longitudinal and latitudinal systems must be installed to secure the home and a water level should be used to properly level the home.

Installation Warranty – Easy Mobile Homes provides a one-year warranty on the quality of the installation for all homes that we permit and install.

Jobsite Safety- Nothing is more important than job site safety. No amount of money is worth saving if it means that people would be put at risk of injury. We will take every safety precaution and obey all safety-related procedures and laws during the mobile home installation process.

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